Freqently Asked Questions

What data do I get in a lead?
Leads come with the actual X-Date, the actual policy number, the actual carrier and the type of contractor you ordered. We also provide contact names and addresses and phones. To view a sample lead click here
Is there a guarantee?
Yes. We guarantee our leads to be 95% accurate. If you buy a small quantity to begin with and are unhappy we will refund what you spent to your credit card providing you send us in writing a letter saying why you are unhappy – what was inaccurate - and that you will destroy all copies of the leads.
Do you give away free starter leads?
We don’t feel the need to prove our data or ourselves like some of the expensive lead generation outlets. Our data comes with a lot of information from sources we believe to be accurate.
Is WorkCompLeads compatible with Salesforce or other CRMs?
Yes. WorkCompLeads can either be imported into CRMs or WorkCompLeads can automatically update your CRM as X-Dates and Carriers change.
Is it true your contractor leads come from CSLB?
We begin with data from CSLB, yes.
Do these leads come from Compline?
No. Compline is a separate product from our sister company. No Compline data is used to produce the WorkCompLeads database.
Can I get X-Mods on these leads?
Yes for those prospects that have X-Mods Compline will append them for its members for free.
How do we contact you?
You can find our contact information here at our Contact Us page
Got A question?
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