Work Comp Lead Quality and Sample

The most trustable name in quality leads. Our Workers Comp Leads for contractors come with the existing carriers and policy number and the current X-Date. The data comes from many sources and is enhanced by us using techniques we have developed for other products over many years.

Leads are provided in a downloadable excel file which is stored for you (in case of accident). You can upload this file into your own prospecting software.

In addition we provide you with the names of markets who are interested in writing the kind of business you are soliciting.

Example of what it looks like:

To download a sample lead, send an email to:


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How We Are Different

We are not a lead service that charges you for appointments, or makes expensive outbound calls to get leads. Consumers are spending time filling out forms with inaccurate data to generate a lead OTHER LEAD SOURCES sell to multiple producers for a lot of money. We deploy strategic technology and other data mining techniques to obtain and provide credible reliable x-dated leads which are actionable and productive for knowledgeable producers.