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Be One of Twenty sponsors and get all this:

  • Immediate point of sale impact upon producers buying construction leads in the classes desirable to the sponsor: Information is presented in the form of a double sized banner ad including the logo and contact and market info delivered in the same email as the link to the leads purchased by the producer.
  • Follow-up at 30 days post sale to remind the producer the sponsor wants business in the classes purchased with the same ad.
  • Materials link to a specially designed landing page further describing underwriting standards and designed to get calls and applications
  • A free 800 Number pointing to any number provided by the sponsor. And free follow-up reports showing calls, caller and length of call.
  • Point of sale marketing materials for mailing or delivery by marketing reps to your producers
  • A news release to major insurance publications and PR wires announcing participation
  • A consistent marketing effort designed to drive producers to WorkCompLeads with ads placed in Workers' Comp Executive and other key places throughout the year. This effort will keep producers coming to buy leads.
  • Special discount programs if sponsor wants to provide leads to key producers
  • Choose to include or exclude any type or class of contractor and change at any time
  • Choose to exclude territories if desired.